Reflexology is a gentle and relaxing healing art. The feet, hands and ears have maps resembling the human body, the specific points connect to all the parts of the body. By applying nurturing touch through specific touch techniques, the body finds it's own balance.  The benefits include deep relaxation, pain reduction, increased blood flow and stimulation of the central nervous system. It also gives a boost to the immune system. One of the most well known and verified benefits of reflexology is an improvement in circulation throughout the body. It is especially good for elders who receive very little touch. 

Herbal Consulting/Cannabis

Some believe that the earth has a medicine for every ailment. Herbal teas can be used to bring subtle but profound benefit to overall health and energy. There is a new way of thinking about marijuana since medical marijuana has been treating people with positive results for the past twenty years. Salves, tinctures and edible forms of the herb are found to bring healing to many.  Due to the increasing societal interest, we at Elder Whisperer have been deepening our education in this field. Almost daily more information is being made available about the power of this herb for elders.



Gentleness, kindness and knowledge

"Hania’s gentleness, caring way and kindness make me feel very comfortable, and her knowledge brings a depth to each session. She teaches me about my health so that I can take better care of myself."

— J.A.

Healing and well being

“I receive reflexology in my home. It has brought me great comfort and I look forward to seeing Hania each week."

— L.K.

Now I feel at peace

“Reflexology has allowed my mother more freedom and a great amount of relaxation. Hania has become an important part of her week.”

— J.Y.